As you are most probably already aware, making a living as a writer is not easy. It requires time to work, time to read, to think, to live; it also doesn’t produce much income, especially not for writers in the early stages of their careers. That’s why I’ve launched my Patreon page, to seek support from the creative community, and to connect with and thank people who find something of value in my work.

I’ve set up a number of rewards for those who choose to become patrons, such as:

i) access to behind-the-scenes content – this might be essays about my writing process, annotated copies of published works, or brainstorms for new and upcoming projects;

ii) a healthy dose of exclusive material – draft copies of stories and poems I’m tinkering with, plus extracts from longer works;

iii) free copies of future releases – for example, zines, spoken word albums, and pamphlets;

iv) a friendly mention right here on my website!

For more information on my decision to set up a Patreon, and on the rewards available for supporters, visit my page.

My Supporters!

Jay Fox <3
Charlie Alcock
Peter Andrews-Briscoe
Tea Nicolae
Sam Fenn
Hannah Woodhazel