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Waterside Theatre / Bedroom Window
August 2020 / New World Writing / rolling publication.
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Catafalque Party
August 2020 / The Elevation Review / Issue 1.
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June 2020 / Lychee Rind / A Citrus Summer Issue.
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Glossolalia / No Future
April 2020 / In Parentheses / Volume 5, Issue 3.
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The Old Place / Claustrophobic / The Taste / Take a Picture, it’ll Last Longer
April 2020 / Coffin Bell Journal / Volume 3, Issue 2.
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Multiple Scarecrows Attempt to Rob a Bank
May 2019 / Cordite Poetry Review / Issue 91: MONSTER.
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Ticking Over
April 2019 / Cathexis Northwest Press / April ’19 issue.
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Exam Acappella
March 2019 / Edify Fiction / Volume 3, Issue 1: Teen 2019.
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Published as Alex Smith

There Are Six Cubicles
July 2018 / Nowhere Zine / Issue 1: At the Services.
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July 2018 / Coffin Bell Journal / Volume 1, Issue 3.
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It Moves When You Move
July 2017 / the Cadaverine / rolling publication.
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Scrimshaw / The Sovereign
July 2017 / Cake Magazine / Cake: A Local Recipe.
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We That Are Left
June 2017 / 365 Tomorrows / rolling publication.
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The Other Man
May 2017 / Hello Horror / Volume 5, Issue 22.
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October 2016 / Daily Science Fiction / rolling publication.
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Gary Dies in the Wrong Order
October 2016 / the Molotov Cocktail / Volume 7, Issue 13.
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The Switcher
February 2016 / Lancaster Flash / Issue 17.
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This section contains a selected list of publications in journals, magazines, and anthologies. In cases where the original publication is available online, you can follow the appropriate links to read it; if a piece was published only in print, the links will take you to sites where you can purchase the relevant issue or collection.

Pieces which were previously published in print or online, but which are no longer available, will most probably be republished in the fiction or poetry sections of this site.

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