Odds & Ends

This section of the site is a repository for the various pieces and projects, both individual and collaborative, which don’t really fit anywhere else; zines, albums, one-offs, you name it.

September 2020
A zine of art and poetry, featuring work from the manic minds of Jay Fox, Alice Pickersgill, and Oscar Stirling Payne, in addition to myself. F.R.I.E.D.S.was inspired by our visit to Edinburgh’s Museum of Childhood, and sports the tagline “a zine about dolls, childhood, & all manner of horrid things”, which I think is a pretty accurate description.

You can read it online for free by clicking the cover, or read the release post to learn a little more about it.

Back in the Chair
December 2019
A short story I originally wrote several years back, for one of my undergraduate classes. I wanted to test out publishing my work through Vocal, so I fixed the story up and posted it there. I didn’t go any further with Vocal – I don’t think it’s the platform I was looking for – but I figured I may as well keep this story available online. It’s about a long journey, and the end of it.

You can read it for free right here, or read the release post if you fancy it.

Cursed Objects & Us
November 2019
My first attempt at a zine, featuring poetry, art, recipes, a drinking game, and a whole lot of other nonsense courtesy of Jay Fox, David Murphy, and Alice Pickersgill. Cursed Objects & Us is on sale through a dedicated Etsy shop, with all proceeds going to mental health charity Self Help.

You can purchase a copy here, or read the release post for more information.

Bones of God
August 2019
An album of spoken word and ambient noise, of soundscapes and tunnels and dirt, co-created by my good friend Alex George and myself; Bones of God tells the story of a man who fell through the Earth and came out the other side unharmed.

The album is currently pay-what-you-want on Bandcamp. You can purchase it for download here, or learn a little more from the release post.