Some Published Poems I Forgot To Mention Which You Could Theoretically Read

Let it never be said that I am any good of keeping track of anything. Because I’m not, so that would be wrong. Look, over the last year I’ve had a couple of poems published that I just completely forgot to mention to anyone, for reasons ranging from “it wasn’t clear when the journal containing the poem was coming out” to “I had a miscommunication with the editorial team of the publication”, not to mention the erstwhile classic “I am a simple fool”. They came out at various times and exist in varying states of ease-of-access, so I figured I’d run through the wheres and whyfores(?) of each poem for your convenience… right……… now!

SO: first of all, my poem ‘Palaeontology’ was published in Yolk Literary Magazine‘s Winter 2021 issue, which you can pick up from their website (in digital or real-life form) here. It’s a poem about going for a walk with my dad. Hardcore Aldredinis (working on it) might recall hearing sections from an earlier version of this piece on one of the tracks from Bones of God – but I won’t tell you which! You have to go and work it out if you want to know! Hee hee, hoo hoo!

Around the same time, BEATIFIC published their second issue, available to buy here, and containing not one but TWO pieces of work from ya boy – ‘Anvil’ and ‘You Are The Crack That Lets The World In’. They’re both poems from my MA portfolio, so they’re concerned with ideas of ~place~ and ~space~ and ~environmental identity~, ooooh, doesn’t that sound fun?

More recently (last September, I think?), my short little baby poem ‘Cephalonia’ appeared in the eighth issue of the Ricochet Review, a student-run journal based in Chicago. If you want to order a copy of the issue, you’ll have to contact the editorial team, which you can do by following the instructions here. This was their ‘poetry of place’ issue, so feel free to reread the last sentence of the previous paragraph if you want more info on what this piece is about.

Last but not least, we have ‘Hung Up’, which was published – well, earlier this week! That’s not so long ago at all! Would you look at that, we’re practically up to date – in the sixth issue of Coastal Shelf. This is probably the easiest of these poems to get ahold of (which feels like a nice point to end on), as it’s free to read online over on their website. It’s a poem about PHONES and also SAD.

That is all!! More exciting things to come in the future, but not right now!! Bye!!!!! See ya!!!!!

Alex xo

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