Faces Adjacent – Available Now!

Hiya pals! As you might already be aware, because it happened like a week and a half ago (time’s just been utterly unspooling for me recently), my debut micro-chapbook Faces Adjacent has been unleashed into the world! It’s a short sequence of poems that I’m quite proud of and you can download and read it right now FOR FREE over at Ghost City Press’ website. How exciting!

There’s a roughly equal balance in the chapbook between poems which have previously been published elsewhere, and poems appearing in print for the first time, so no matter how familiar you are with my prior work there’s something new in there for you. There’s possibly also something sad and strange and ancient waiting in there for you, but I make no promises.

While the chapbook is entirely free to read and download, you can throw some money my way through Ghost City Press if you enjoy the poetry and have some digital pocket change to spare. All that money comes directly to me, GCP don’t take a penny, so it’s a brilliant way to provide a little support if you enjoy what I do and want me to do more of it. (And if we’re talking about ways to support my work, there is the ol’ Patreon to consider…)

Right, that’s all for now. Check out the chapbook, tell your friends, tell your neighbours, tell your gods. Sending love,

Alex xo

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