New Poetry with Ghost City Press & MMPP Lit

You seem weary, traveller. Come, rest awhile beside my fire (it’s a figurative fire) while I tell you my tales. There’s all sorts of big happenings underway in the World of Alex, don’t you know. For example: Meow Meow Pow Pow Lit recently published one of my poems, ‘Swarming’, over on their site – and they even put together a stunnin’ mini-poster to accompany it, which I’m very happy about. You can check it out right here! The poem’s about the unifying human experience of being full of wasps.

In other news, and as you may have already seen on social media – I’m excited to announce my debut micro-chapbook Faces Adjacent, which will be published by Ghost City Press as part of their 2021 Summer Series! The chapbook will contain a sequence of ten poems – some previously published elsewhere, others exclusive to this collection – that I’m particularly proud of, and I cannot wait to share it with you. Expect to hear more news on this, well, over the summer I would expect.

Thanks for stopping by. Sending love your way,

Alex xo

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