New Poem in the Delmarva Review

Hello friends! Just a quick update to let you know that, as the title of this post might have given away, I have a new poem appearing in the thirteenth volume of the Delmarva Review, which you can learn more about (and perhaps even order?) on their website. Back in April, in a Writer’s Notes post, I mentioned that my poem ‘Glossolalia’ had a currently-unpublished companion piece; that poem’s title is ‘Summoning You’, and it is unpublished no longer. I should mention that, aside from containing one of my poems, the journal also features the work of more than sixty different writers from six different countries, across a wide range of genres and styles – there’s something in there for everyone.

That’s all from me. Expect another Writer’s Notes post before the end of the month, unless I don’t get round to it, in which case expect a sheepish apology post on Patreon. Hope you’re doing well!

Alex xo

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