Proof I’m Not Dead: New Content Online

That’s right, I’m not dead. In fact, I never was. The body you grieved for so painfully at my open-casket funeral? A hyperrealistic waxwork dummy. The footage you watched, hand to mouth, of me being suffocated to death by an anteater after it mistook me for a mound? All done with angles and mirrors. The ghostly apparition that appeared in the dead of night and offered you a single wish in exchange for eternal damnation? That was just me in a big sheet. You fool! You moron! Now that we’ve established that I am not dead, I wanted to share some work of mine that has been made available online recently.

About a month back, a piece of mine appeared on listen, yeah?, a compilation album of Lancaster’s grooviest artists from Lancaster’s grooviest label, Trickhouse Recordings. The work I’ve previously released with Trickhouse (read more on that here and here) has been weird and manic and silly; listening to this record, and hearing the breadth and quality of the different musicians they work with, is frankly intimidating. Alex George, for instance, has taken the dumb improvised tune about actor Ben Barnes the two of us made up on a park bench in Bristol and turned it into not just an actual song, but a strangely moving Certified Tune. How does he do it? How do any of them do it? It’s terrifying. My piece is a reading of my poem ‘Ex Terra Lucem’, with some fun(?) ambient sound thrown in – and you can read the print version of the poem here, if you’re interested – but to be honest, it’s more important that you check this out for the other artists’ work, because all of it is phenomenal. In particular, Sidley Park’s new single ‘Eleanor’ is infectious, the sort of track you listen to for hours on repeat without getting tired of it. And what’s this? The entire album is pay what you want on Bandcamp? Well gosh darn what are you waiting for?

More recently, my friend and fellow artist Katie Usher released a zine of lockdown-inspired art, poetry, and cool weird shit, including a poem of mine (with ‘poem’ in this context meaning a tweet which I thought was funny). This zine has a lot in common with the Trickhouse compilation, in that it features a great many talented artists whose work astounds and frightens me in equal measure – it’s a gorgeous, joyous collection of work, and you should go and read it right now. I’ve been deathly silent both here and over on Patreon for the last month, and while I’d like to say that’s because I’ve been working on some magnificent top-secret project, it’s actually just been lockdown fatigue preventing me from doing anything but eat, sleep, and play Breath of the Wild; so it’s nice to get back into the swing of posting content by remembering that, actually, I’ve contributed to a couple of really cool projects recently! With that said: expect a landslide of new material for patrons over the next few weeks to make up for July’s barren content wilderness. Until then, I hope our whacky ol’ world treats you well.

Alex xo

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