New Poems in Coffin Bell and In Parentheses

Poetry publications, as I learned this week, are like buses – you go months without a single glimpse of one, and then two come along at once. You know, like buses! What I’m saying is that I’ve recently had a couple of new pieces come out.

On Tuesday, Coffin Bell 3.2 was released, featuring four poems of mine written between 2015 and 2018. The theme of the issue was Philia / Phobia, and while some of my pieces hew to that theme more closely than others, they’re all horror poems in some sense or another. The issue is free to read online, so you’ve got no excuse to not go and read it immediately. Then – the very next day! Gasp! – In Parentheses 5.3 came out, featuring two slightly more recent poems. The theme for that issue, Crowds… isn’t necessarily super connected to the poems, but they are two pieces that I’m particularly proud of, so I’m delighted that they’ve ended up in publication. You can buy a digital or print copy of In Parentheses‘ latest volume over on their site, and if you do so I’ll be a very happy bunny.

So there you go – six new poems out into the ether. I hope you enjoy them.

Alex xo

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