Workshop Update 18/02/20

Time marches inexorably onwards, and February is nearer its end than its beginning. As I mentioned in my previous workshop post, my goal for February is to have four new patron-exclusive posts up before the end of the month, to make up for January being a barren, lifeless time. This workshop update marks number three, and I’ve already got the fourth post more or less good to go as well, so everything is looking rather rosy. Look at me doing things on time for once! I’m so proud.

Today’s piece of exclusive workshop content comes to you inspired by friend and fellow poet Oscar Stirling Payne, who recently shared a piece on instagram utilising a poetic form which I had never heard of before, and which I knew immediately I wanted to try – spine poetry. It’s a straightforward method, and a surprisngly rewarding one: you rearrange books you have at home into a certain order so that the titles form, in sequence, a poem, with each book’s title forming a new line. It reminded me, as I was trying it, of blackout poetry – they’re both techniques which require you to remix existing texts without adding any extraneous material, which is a process I always find entertaining. So here’s the latest workshop update, my own attempt at a spine poem, available right now for patrons in the workshop!

Big thanks to Oscar for the inspiration – if you haven’t already, dear reader, you should go and check out some of his work over on his site. And thank you, as always, to my beloved patrons. I am eternally grateful for your support, and I hope you’ve been enjoying the higher levels of new content this month. Oh, and while I’ve got you here, if you aren’t a patron of mine yet, why not become one? Most of my tiers will cost you less than that single cup of coffee you purchase every month, at the same time and at the same venue, unerringly precise, to the minute, exactly one coffee every calendar month. It’s weird that you do that. Why are you so specific? You should stop doing this weird coffee ritual you’re doing, and come and support me and my work instead. Glad I could help you out on this one! Here’s my Patreon.

With love,
-Alex xo

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