Workshop Update 05/02/20

Hello friends. As I mentioned in my last patreon update (and as you may have been able to tell by the state of the site this month), I haven’t been keeping up with the old Content Machine. That’s a habit I want to knock on the head going forwards, so I’m going to be making up for lost time by posting double content for supporters in February – two workshop updates, and two writers’ notes posts, across the next four weeks. This post, that’s right, you guessed it, is installment number one.

Recently I’ve wanted to move a little more out of the comfort zones I’ve fallen into in my writing, so I’ve been trying out a few formal techniques while drafting new poetry. Normally I’m a little averse to this more tightly structured material, but as I say, I want to push myself in unexpected directions, keep challenging myself in my work. With that in mind, why not go and take a look at the latest poem available right now in the workshop? I very much hope you enjoy it.

For the readers such yourself, yes you, who are currently unable to view my workshop as the result of a terrible curse placed upon you by a worlock many moons ago, fear not! In between my PhD work and my personal projects, I’ve been finding spare time to contemplate the most ancient of arcane texts, and I’m happy to announce that I have synthesised a cure for this terrible plague which haunts you. All you have to do is head over to my patreon page and become a supporter of my work. Joining this elite cadre will free you from the torment of this repulsive, oddly specific curse, and you will finally be able to read the secret drafts of poems and other fun things available in my workshop. No need to thank me – it’s all in a day’s work.

Alex xo

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