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In July I announced that three friends and I were putting together and releasing a zine of art and poetry, with the proceeds going to the mental health charity Self Help. At the time I said the zine would be out before the end of the month, because oh boy do I have a poor grasp on my own time management skills, but I’m very happy to now announce that Cursed Objects & Us is finally available! It’s a 28-page collection of weird and silly writing and drawing exploring the themes of time, art, and friendship. All four of us are really excited to be putting this lil’ package of love out into the world, and if you want to share that excitement with us, you can pick up a digital copy for just £2.40 right here. Alternatively, read on for a little more information on the genesis and intention of Cursed Objects & Us.

Back in June 2019, four friends gathered in Manchester to experience the city’s culture, catch up on each other’s lives, and get very drunk. In a crazed burst of enthusiasm, they barricaded themselves inside one sleepless night and settled down to create a series of poems, paintings and sketches exploring subjects that were near to their hearts. Parts of what they produced were beautiful; parts of it were silly; parts of it were some other third thing. They created cosmic frogs, Drag Race drinking games, collaboratively-drawn gorgons, and so much more. There was no particular end goal in their minds, only a desire to rekindle the mad, passionate spirit of making art for the fun on it.

Take a look at this funky cover!

Having completed this frantic art-making exercise, the four friends decided there was only one thing to do: compile their various efforts into a single collection, a “zine”, if you will, and sell that zine on the internet to raise money for charity. Specifically, 100% of the proceeds from Cursed Objects & Us will go to Self Help, a user-led mental health charity based in the North of England. Self Help provide support, advice, tools and techniques to help individuals struggling with their mental health take control of their lives. It’s a cause which means a lot to all four of us, and one which we hope you’ll be excited about contributing to. As a disclaimer, we should note that we are in no way endorsed or officially associated with Self Help; we just appreciate the work they do and want to help them keep doing it.

This 28-page e-zine, containing art and poetry from Alex Aldred, Jay Fox, David Murphy, and Alice Pickersgill can be yours, right now, and the money you spend obtaining it will go to a worthy cause. So what are you waiting for? Come and think about cursed objects and us, with us.

So: that’s that. Since you’ve read this far, I hope you won’t mind if I shower you with a couple more links: if you want to know more about the charity we’ll be donating the zine’s earnings to, please do read up on Self Help‘s website; if you want to hear more from some of my fellow contributors, you should check out Alice is on an Adventure and Left of the Tracks, Alice and David’s respective projects; if you want to know a little more about my work, you can head on over to my Patreon page; and, last but not least, if you wanna check out this really cool zine that this whole post has been banging you over the head with, here’s where you can do that.

Thanks for taking the time to read about this! We really hope you find something to love within this weird little zine of ours. Until next time,

Alex xo

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