Workshop Update 24/10/19

A second workshop update in a month? You thought it was impossible, and you were right. I caused significant damage to the underlying scientific principles which hold our universe together in order to make this update happen, so I can only hope you appreciate it appropriately. (This update constitutes me finally catching up with workshop updates, after having skipped one back in July).

Today I’ve got some more poetry for you, although unlike last time this isn’t a reworking of an older draft – it’s hot off the press, brand new, still steaming poetry, exclusively for the eyes and minds of my beloved patrons. You guys know who you are, and I love you deeply for being who you are, and you can read my latest wasp-centric poem over in the workshop right this very second. For everybody else, I can only suggest you pop on down to my Patreon page and seriously consider becoming a part of my extremely small but also extremely intelligent and good-looking group of supporters. It’s like being in a social club, except you never have to go anywhere or do anything. It’s lovely.

Whether you’re a supporter or not, you should be hyped for next month, as I’ll be (hopefully) sharing more content than usual during the blitz of writing activity that is NaNoWriMo. Don’t ask me what that content will be because I have no idea yet, but with any luck it will be COOL and INTERESTING and FUN!

That’s all from me for now – I’ve got to go and reassemble the laws of physics before the very fabric of reality unravels before our eyes. No promises that it won’t happen anyway, natch.

Alex xo

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