Workshop Update 09/10/19

I’m still playing a little bit of catch-up with my patron-exclusive posts, but not for much longer! Today’s workshop update started life a good four or five years ago, now, as the end product of a music-themed freewrite I scribbled out whilst I was an undergraduate. I was never happy with the end result, so I shelved the piece for the time being.

Recently, I took a deep-dive into my folder of abandoned drafts, in search of something I could salvage, and this particular piece stood out to me. I find it grounding, as a writer, to look back on old work, even more so with work you’re unhappy with. Seeing problems where I couldn’t before, wincing at lines I was proud of at the time – perhaps it’s silly, but I find my own bad writing reassuring. It makes me feel like I’ve progressed and developed, like the time I’ve dedicated to getting better at my craft isn’t going to waste.

Having said that – there’s still a long way to go! The updated version of the poem is very stripped down compared to the original – I took the tack of shearing away the filler material, trying to isolate only the moments and phrases I thought still had some value, some oomph in them. The end result is a very different poem from the original, but I like to think that both capture a similar sort of energy. You can read both the new poem and the old drafts right now by visiting my workshop if you’re a patron – and hey, if you aren’t, why not head on over to my Patreon page and become one? There’s an appropriately musical reward lined up for the next landmark goal that YOU, yes you, could be a part of!

Until next time,

Alex xo

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