Workshop Update 29/09/19

I said on twitter I was aiming to get three new pieces of patron content up on the blog before the end of the month, and this is Thing Number One: an update to the workshop! I’m planning on doing an additional update very soon, to make up for the month I skipped, but for now content yourself with a poem about a certain recreational past-time… what could it be?

If you’re reading this, I just wanted to say thanks for checking in on my site – I know that things have been quiet recently, and especially so for non-patrons. I’ve had quite the schedule in front of me over the summer, but I’m now settled into life in a new city (!!) and looking forward to putting out more and more new material for my (presumably vast) readership to enjoy.

Here’s the link to the new workshop piece. I’ll speak to you again soon!

Alex xo

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