Workshop Update 08/08/19

My workshop update for July is a little late this month, hence it coming out more than a week into August instead of, as you might expect, July. But! Hopefully that can be compensated for with the fact that this is a more unusual, and slightly larger, update than you might expect.

Rather than sharing an in-progress piece, I’ve used the opportunity of my recent album launch to do a little bit of behind-the-scenes of that particular project just for patrons. The update features written versions of eight different poems that were used on the album – a few you will have seen or heard before, most of them completely new and written specifically for this project! On top of that, there’s also a track-by-track commentary where I talk a little bit about the background and recording of each piece.

Is this sort of thing more or less interesting than the usual workshop fare? What sorts of things do patrons want to see? How will I ever find out? Let me know! Drop me a message or a comment with your thoughts.

With love,

Alex xo

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