New Release: Bones of God

It’s the middle of the evening and you’re alone in the house. You’re on the couch, in front of the TV, remote dangling in your loose grip. You’re watching Love Island, I think. Suddenly I rise seamlessly through the floor, the carpet undulating like the surface of a pool, and am standing in your living room. I sit down next to you and start to rapidly babble:

“Hey guys! The blog’s been quiet recently due to my hectic schedule – I’m in the middle of moving house, don’t you know – but if you’re following me on the various social media platforms you may have already heard the news: I released an album last week!

Funky Groovy Album Cover

A collaboration with the ever-musical Alex George, Bones of God is part spoken word, part noise, part ambient music, all a bit ridiculous. It combines Alex’s music and my poetry (although somewhere along the way the lines get a little blurry) to tell the story of a man who sinks deep into the earth and emerges unharmed, but different. If this sounds like it might be your kind of thing, or frankly even if it doesn’t, give that funky groovy album cover above a click and check it out.

This project has been my main creative focus for the last month or so, which is why my upcoming zine Cursed Objects & Us has ben a little delayed, but fear not – that will be appearing in the very near future. There should be a couple of other posts up over the next few days as well, including some fun stuff for patrons. Stay tuned!

Thanks for reading and for your support!”

I then rise once more, floating up into the ceiling and out of sight. You stare after me, confused by my attempts to insert hyperlinks in spoken conversation, as well as by the whole floating-up-into-the-ceiling thing. It’s been a long day.

-Alex xo


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